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What is Applied Kinesiology?

Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a truly holistic health care approach that treats each patient as an individual with distinct needs. The term Kinesiology is defined as the study of human movement. Applied Kinesiology, originally developed as a speciality of the Chiropractic profession, uses muscle testing to evaluate how well a body is functioning. Through these muscle tests, AK practitioners can identify a patient’s physical, chemical and emotional imbalances. These imbalances are then corrected through specialized techniques best suited for that patient.

Simply stated, a practitioner of AK examines the body to identify muscles that test “weak,” indicating that the muscles are being inhibited by the nervous system. The ability of the nervous system to react effectively to stress from its internal or external environment is the foundation for good health. Thus, the capacity of the muscles to contract in the presence of different stimuli becomes a display of the nervous system’s resilience and function. AK practitioners may challenge the nervous system by exposing it to certain environmental or dietary factors to see if they “weaken” a previously strong muscle.

Applied Kinesiology examines the entire composition of the human body including structural, chemical, and mental elements. The muscles and bones are supported by a chemical network of fluids and nutrients that can be negatively or positively impacted by emotional factors such as stress, anxiety, anger, fear, laughter and love.

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This triad of health is the basis AK practitioners use to understand each patient’s needs. During the initial examination and the following treatment sessions, the AK practitioner will assess the strengths and weaknesses of each of these components. Any imbalances revealed by muscle testing and other standard diagnostic procedures are treated with the most effective therapy or intervention for each individual patient.

Applied Kinesiology is a beautifully simple system that allows the practitioner to interact respectfully and efficiently with the miraculous organism of the human body. AK is a dynamic tool for individualized health care because it permits the doctor to communicate directly with the control center of the patient’s health. Thus, AK practitioners treat the patient who has the disease, rather than treating the disease that has the patient.

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